TIRE TREAT - Graphene Tire Dressing – LGND SUPPLY CO.

Product Details

Why spend so much money on tires if you are not going to show them off? Our new age graphene tire dressing is formulated with graphene-oxide modified ceramic resins that lock out water and other contaminants. No more having to deal with those oily other chemical sprays that tarnish the freshly cleaned wheels on your ride. Easy to use and actually lasts AND protects the look of your tires. This is the LAST dressing you will ever need to buy for any of your detailing needs, also works well on rubber trim!

Directions:  For maximum results wipe down the surface of the tire beforehand with our 360 Shine all purpose cleaner. Spray several mists of Tire Treat onto our Tire Applicator and work to evenly level the product across the tire.

Size: 16 OZ.

Warning: Contains fragrance allergens benzyl benzoate and d-limonene. Contains decyl/undecyl glucosides tetra(trimethylsiloxy)silane ethyl acetate


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