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Rubber & Vinyl Super Shine Big Boy Kit
Rubber & Vinyl Super Shine Big Boy Kit


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About this product

You most likely ran out of your rubber and vinyl spray pretty fast. Don't let that happen again! You ALWAYS need to roll around in CLEAN and GLOSSY whip. You should NEVER roll up to a show with dry tires and window trim. We present to you our BIG BOY KITS!

What's Included:

- 16OZ Refillable Spray Bottle so everyone knows what you're using

- 1 GALLON of Rubber & Vinyl Super Shine because you love it so much

Product Details:

Rubber & Vinyl Super Shine is a water based formula dressing that dresses plastics, vinyl, and rubber, restoring them back to new with a clean gloss finish. This product will change the look of your old faded interior plastics and bring back life into your interior once again. 

If your plastics have a light layer of dust, our Rubber & Vinyl Super Shine will clean and dress all in one. If your interior is a bit dirtier, we recommend using our interior cleaner first and then follow up with our Rubber & Vinyl Super Shine to add a nice shine to the surfaces.

Simply spray on a couple sprays of our Rubber & Vinyl Super Shine to the desired workpiece and wipe off with a microfiber towel. This product is easy to use and long lasting!

Rubber & Vinyl Super Shine can also be used on exterior surfaces like tires & exterior plastic trim. We've all seen those faded exterior trim on the road, or even yourself might have faded trim. Use this product and watch it bring back life into your trim. (Watch the video) Using it on tires gives a nice gloss finish!


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