THICC Suds Big Boy Kit

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You most likely ran out of your favorite car wash soap pretty fast. Don't let that happen again! You should ALWAYS roll around in a clean vehicle. After all, a clean car is a happy car :) We present to you our BIG BOY KITS!

What's Included:

- 16OZ Refillable Squeeze Bottle

- 1 GALLON of THICC Suds because you love it so much

Product Details:

Thicc suds Wash & Wax Soap is a very thick soap that aims at cleaning the paintwork and leaving a high gloss finish. 

Thicc suds has a slick lubricity that glides the wash mitt over the paintwork safely removing tough on dirt contaminates with ease for a scratch free finish.

Thicc suds formula is cost effective. It's high dilution ratio saves money. Simply pour in 1-2oz of thick suds into a 5 gallon bucket! A great bang for the buck! Foam cannon use: Pour in 2-3oz into a 32oz foam cannon. Create mountains of foam.

This soap is tough on dirt and mild on the paintwork.