For those of you that are NEW here and have no idea what an entry multiplier is, here’s what you need to know: You enter the giveaway now and you will have the BEST chance of winning because there will be no higher entry amounts offered during this giveaway.

For those of you that have been around for a while and/or just know what entry multipliers are, watch the video and read the statement below.


We have ultimately made the decision to banish entry multipliers forever! But why? Why would we do that? Well, for many reasons. But we'll try to keep it short and concise. You see, entry multipliers were first introduced to increase your entries for a certain period of time. Sure that sounds all good and dandy right?! WRONG. 

We realized that multiplier periods gave unfair advantages to those who entered during lower multipliers. For example; someone who enters to win during the 10x entry period had 5x more chances of winning than one who entered during the 2x entry period.

Now, since removing entry multiplier periods, EVERYONE has an equal and fair opportunity to WIN!

Although entry multiplier periods are GONE, you can still get 2X ENTRIES on select products listed below:


- Any Limited Edition Product

- League of Legends Subscription Boxes



With the playing field FINALLY level - your chances of winning from LGND are greater than ever before! 

Happy Entering, Happy Repping!

The LGND Team